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Javier Hernández Guadalupe


     An all-rounder, technology geek and architect, by the way. With an everyday job live closely related to technical knowledge. I think technology is branded to make our life easier and more comfortable and that is why every day I put the best of me to understand every device I use.  In my opinion if we don’t live up to our responsibility with technology, we will go from being the device’s users to becoming the device.

     Fortunately, learning how to use new programs and applications feels like a hobby to me. That is the reason for which I have always had an foot in other disciplines. These studies combined to those related with architecture have motivated me to handle wordpress, BIM, grasshopper and to start learing bigdata, 3d and anything that goes with it.

Architecture, to infinity and beyond!

     In my role as an architect the one characteristic that sets me apart is the capability of solving not only construction problems, but also aesthetic and spacial ones. However, these skills I have mastered and took me several years of training now seem to me second best to the others in which I am currently taking a keen interest.

     I have learned throught experience (and what a rought ride it was!) that high-complexity problems can only be solved with teamwork, a precise analysis of the situation and good management.The variety of difficult situations and projects that I have faced over the years have shapen my philosophy througly. I'm now not a star but a team player who keeps an eye on detail.

     What I like most about my job is working in multi-disciplinar teams. Seeing everyone's collaboration and hearing a variety of points of views makes me feel I am tending to my knowledge. I see architecture as a limitless environment.

I save my energy to improve processes efficiency

     As an eager and curious worker, I enjoy improving any process and routine.Anything in which efficiency can be maximized feels like a game to me, this is where technology helps. “If you have a difficult problem to solve, better try to take profit of it giving a solution to 100 problems of its kind.” This motto seems to me a type of sane laziness witch moves me to spend energy today to save it in the future.

     All in all: hardworker, technology-lover, process perfectionist. I am open to learn from all fields but architecture mixed with technology is where I am headed. So if you have had a crazy idea, project, why not proposal... just let me know and I will be up to take the challenge.



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'Salto al BIM'


Publication of "Salto al BIM: Estrategias BIM de calidad para empresas punteras del sector AEC", a book developed in colaboration with Luisa Santamaría Gallardo. It has been writen for AEC professionals whose tasks are related with BIM technology, trying to focus in business benefits
and opportunities. Have a look to a free sample in Amazon.es (LINK) or the web SaltoalBIM.com.



Currently taking part in the development of a project in Canary Islands. Taking an active role in the manangement of the design project,
obtaining the urbanistic licenses, helping to create a profitable business model for the client and managing the construction of it.



I worked for TYPSA in it’s central headquarters as architect. I was involved in the teams witch developed: *Riyadh Metro Stations (Line 5) with the collaboration of ATKINS: Seven stations modeled entirely in a BIM environment. I was made responsible for both

modeling and designing with my team. The urban insertion and the sonving of ground level contingencies were challenges that were gave to me more often. *Bus Rapid Transport of Astana. 12 climate-controlled bus stations with underpass way. We presented the client various options of a highly detailed design of the stations at a record time. *Preliminary design of Panama Metro Project. BIM modeling in a collaborative enviroment of 16 elevated stations, document control, and verifying the compliance with the quality criteria.




I have collaborated in developing projecs for FDCA and Jose_Manuel_Sanz_Arquitectos. Currently
writing technical divulgation posts at Especialista3D platform.





Creation of various websites using wordpress and other design software. I have design and marketing experience in web profiles. The technique I use for every design implement a combination of image software and devices I mastered in my everyday-work as architect.  Photography, photoshop, rhinoceros and grasshopper are the most
frecuent tools I use. But I am also familiarized to video creation and edition and numerical and graphical analysis and expression. AGente10 Project --> www.agente10.com

Advanced BIM


Advance BIM modeling and costs monitoring course. I am capable to increase the productivity in construction design tasks and to optimize construction costs. Learning how to use the collaborative mode of the Revit projects gave me the opportunity to work in the Riyadh Metro Project, an ambitious project developed by TYPSA. There I learned
a lots of new important practical procedures of the BIM construction-enviroment and also was able to improve some design proceedigns of the company using Revit. BIMEC  --> www.saltoalbim.com

Centro de Estudios Financieros de Madrid


Attended the course wich programme is directed at professionals from de construction sector at the CEF.
Its content included Financial Accountancy and Analysis Techniques for bussiness and projects.


Architecture Award


Winner of an honorable mention in the "5 Ideas for the City of Lima" international contest with the restoration project of "Casa Buque Barrio Alto". The pertinence of the proposals it was hoped, would make it possible to establish the social nature of the mission of the architects. The project included an urbanistic proposal of new services and activities to rethink the neighbourhood of Barrio Alto, as well as a
research of how to preserve and improve old adobe structures using new construction techniques.  5 Ideas Contest.



Technical University of Madrid

Master in Architecture

Master Degree in Architecture at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). The Master in Architecture is a program of at least six years of theoric and practical classes, including a year of final degree project. This degree
gave me not only the technical knowledge in the architecture and construction design field; but also a very valuable training of how to carry out many complex projects at the same time with very strict deadlines in a coworking enviroment. In 2009 I got a distinction of first-class honours on a parametric design subject.

Technical University of Madrid


Attended various conferences organised at the Science and Engineering Academy of Lanzarote and promoted
by the Technical University of Madrid. 2007 Conference on quality construction standards. 2008 Conference on bioclimatic housing and quality construction standards.

Photography Awards


Won three photography contests organised by the University Colleges where I lived and studied. Contests promoted by Complutense
University of Madrid. Those contests helped me to improve my technique in photography, to understand the camera, and to learn delicate advanced edition procedures using photoshop.

Early life and education

Canary Islands

Born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1986 and lived in Lanzarote Island for 14 years. Graduated with honours in I.E.S. Cesar Manrique Public High School in the branch of technology. Also
took part in diverse summer activities of one month each, both inside and outside the country. In Rush, Ireland, and El Hierro, La Palma and Lanzarote islands, in Canary Islands.



Adress: 4 Towers Madrid, Chamartin zone.

Email: info@jhguadalupe.info

Twitter: @javidalupe

Linkedin: JHGuadalupe

Telephone: +34 616 43 77 50


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